Snow Tiger Siamese

Snow Tiger Siamese
by Louis Azcarate


Seal Lynx Point

Snow Tiger Siamese also commonly known and recognized as Seal Lynx , Chocolate Lynx, Blue Lynx and Lilac Lynx Point Siamese or Colorpoint Shorthair depending on which registry you register your cats with. I am a long time breeder of the Old Fashion Applehead Siamese and Colorpoint Shorthairs. The reason for this article is to share my interest in this particular type and color imprint of Siamese. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough information promoting this highly beautiful and unique cat. So, I will try to fill in the gaps by explaining how Snow Tiger Lynx Point siamese was developed and why I find then so fascinating.
In the beginning, the development of Lynx Point pattern was nothing more than a mere accidental breeding between a household Striped Tabby and a purebred Siamese. The offspring of this cross are called hybrids, which resulted in kittens that retain the siamese points in form of strips as opposed to the solid markings of a purebred siamese. So, It was then when breeders decided to selectively breed these hybrids ( foundation cats) to other purebred siamese to improve and intensify the markings, type, and eye color. After several generations of breeding these foundation cats to already established registered purebred Siamese, breeders were able to prove linage and proceed with their registration with various cat registries. The introduction of the Lynx Point (Snow Tiger) Siamese was a hit at the cat shows. People were taken by this new color point, but still very few breeders showed any interest in them and continued with their breeding program of the more recognized and popular colors and so consequently the popularity of Snow Tiger (Lynx Point) Siamese is still slow at gaining acceptance.
Today because of those few diligent and hard working reputable breeders who took interest in the preservation of the Snow tiger Lynx Point Siamese we can enjoy the beauty, personality and temperament of these domestic purebred cats who resemble the exoticness of their large cousin the Siberian Tiger. With their tiger striped points, ivory bodies, their mesmerizing blue eyes, and their enchanting personalities these miniature Snow Tigers are generating attention. More and more people are falling in love not just with their exotic appearance but with the famous affectionate, intelligent and dog like temperament of the Old Fashion Applehead Siamese. Now we can have the best of two worlds.

Chocolate Lynx Point

However, there are still a large number of cat lovers who aren’t familiar with this type of siamese and when they come across one they disregard them as alley cats or barnyard cats. Siamese cat enthusiasts are only acquainted with the more conventional color’s of the Seal, Chocolate, Blue, and Lilac Points and completely ignore the existence of many other color imprints. Such as Flame/Red, Cream, Tortie, and my favorite the Lynx Points – Snow Tiger Siamese. It’s a shame, that these other beautiful color points are not given the same kind of exposure. As a siamese cat enthusiast I want to see the full spectrum of colors and types be given the same opportunity and allow people to see and judge for themselves which one is best suited for them. We hobbyist breeders need to make this information and photos available. There is a major portion of purebred cat lovers missing out on something very special. This is why I found it necessary to write this message. I want to make cat enthusiasts aware of their existence because these other colorpoints are much too lovely to pass up.
Besides my fondness for the Lynx Point and their resemblance to Siberian Tigers, they are a real joy to have around. They captivate anyone’s attention with their siamese demeanor. This is a great combination – a tiger striped siamese. It’s like having an authentic miniature snow tiger in your own home. They are precocious, inquisitive and highly intelligent. They leave no stone unturned and are on the prowl constantly. It’s funny to watch them play in my backyard as I am working on my garden. They stoop low to the ground with their ears flatten as they stalk their prey waiting for the right moment to lunge out of the bushes. It’s a pleasure to watch these miniature snow tigers in action with the same body gestures reenacting the wild behavior of their larger cousins the Siberian Tiger. Amazing and beautiful they are indeed.

Applehead Snow Tiger

Description: The Applehead Snow Tiger (Lynx Point) siamese is a large robust cat with an apple shaped head. These cats have define tabby marking on the face mask, legs and tail with brilliant blues eyes, which resemble their large cousins the Siberian Tiger. A Traditional Applehead Snow Tiger Siamese weight range is anywhere from 13 to 20 pounds. They are strong big bodied cats with good muscle tone making them agile, strong animals. Applehead Siamese are yesteryears cat and they are back and here to stay, so step aside Wedgeheads. Health: Applehead Siamese are well known for their longevity and their good health and can live anywhere from 15 to 25 years, sometimes even longer. They are resilient sturdy cats with a hardier immune system than their counterparts the contemporaries. As a breeder I’ve heard countless stories from individuals who’ve shared a big part of their life with Siamese cats and express their long joyous experiences with them. One lady named Beth called me and was compelled to tell me all about her 30-year experience, (yes, 30 years) with Bogart her Siamese Seal Point Applehead. She had recently lost her long time friend and was shopping around and was surprised to see how much siamese cats have change. She thought she would never find one. She said, “After so many disappointments I just felt hopeless. Gee back when I was a younger woman that’s all we saw was the big headed robust Appleheads.” This is one example of many stories I’ve heard of these long lived cats by owners of Applehead Siamese. This all indicates one important fact that longevity is directly connected with this sturdy, robust type of siamese and of course good care by the owner as well. A piece of advise make sure you acquire your siamese kitten from a reputable breeder who guarantee’s the health of their kittens. Isn’t worth paying a little extra to ensure you get a healthy quality kitten from a good reputable source instead paying much more later in vet bills for the sake of saving a few dollars? You get what you pay for. This is an investment that will bring you 15 to 25 years of loyal companionship. So think about it.

Blue Lynx Point

I don’t want to offend those who own or breed the Wedgehead Siamese by what I personally think and feel when expressing my thoughts. I really do like them and bred them once upon a time and what I gathered from my experience with this type of siamese was that they are much more frail and delicate for my taste. Once again, I want to clarify that I don’t want to sound as though I am expressing any negative feelings for this type of Siamese, but merely trying to point out one of the big differences between the Applehead and the Wedgehead. And, as much as I like the contemporary siamese for it’s elegant statuette type I don’t agree in the direction that today’s breeders are going by breeding more and more extreme types. So what does the future have in stored for these cats if they keep breeding them this way? Get it? Are we to sacrifice good health and longevity for what they consider to be beautiful? Characteristics: Siamese regardless of color and type are intelligent and personable cats full of hilarious antics that keep you laughing. They like to be noticed and demand your attention. They want to be part of everywhere you go and everything you do. If this is where they got the old saying about curiosity kills the cat, well now you know where it comes from. They are busy bodies with a sense of curiosity that drives me nuts sometimes, but nevertheless I love my siamese cats.