Hi Louis! How’ve you been? We’re doing just fine ~ loving the Bug (Bugsy) more every day (if that’s even possible!). 🙂 I posted some pictures of him on Facebook yesterday and realized you’re no longer listed as one of my fb friends. I really wanted you to see a couple of these pictures so I’m going to try to e-mail them to you. He looks so beautiful I just have to share! He is 2 years old now and was neutered the same year we got him. He is the BEST kitty ever!!! Â We absolutely adore him… we sometimes call him our puppy – cat because he follows us around just like a puppy and he plays fetch! Bugsy’s eyes look so beautiful!!! What a pretty boy he is! Thank you – Tina Westbrook, WA – 7/18/14 Sired by Husani and Oni
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Bugsy’s eyes look so beautiful!!!

Dear Louis! Just want to let you know that my Permes cats are doing great! They are feeling right at home. The only one that needs a little extra time is Luna. She was scared the first couple of days, but is getting better and better. Now she comes up to cuddle. But she is not as relaxed as the other ones yet. But no worries! They have only been here one week. I LOVE them, we all do.. I am so fascinated by all of them. The quality of Permes cats is just outstanding.. I will write more soon! Many hugs, Linda / Sweden / 7/5/14
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Permes Kittens Exported to Sweden