Hi Louis! How’ve you been? We’re doing just fine ~ loving the Bug (Bugsy) more every day (if that’s even possible!). πŸ™‚ I posted some pictures of him on Facebook yesterday and realized you’re no longer listed as one of my fb friends. I really wanted you to see a couple of these pictures so I’m going to try to e-mail them to you. He looks so beautiful I just have to share! He is 2 years old now and was neutered the same year we got him. He is the BEST kitty ever!!! Γ‚ We absolutely adore him… we sometimes call him our puppy – cat because he follows us around just like a puppy and he plays fetch! Bugsy’s eyes look so beautiful!!! What a pretty boy he is! Thank you – Tina Westbrook, WA – 7/18/14 Sired by Husani and Oni
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Bugsy’s eyes look so beautiful!!!